Publication on Goblin Fruit, Reviewed

August 25, 2008

Not sure if I blogged it but I had something published over on Goblin Fruit – which is a pretty wicked and beautiful to look at quarterly journal of fantastical poetry.

The piece was Chicken Ship and they also asked for a recording of it, which I was happy to supply. Anyway, the issue got reviewed by Mike Allen, the editor of Mythic Delirium, another pretty exciting looking SF, fantasy and horror poetry journal, which I’ve heard of and been meaning to check out for a while. My piece was specially mentioned, so I’m now feeling glowy:)

Here’s the link to Mike’s blog, The Plasteel Spider Factory, where you can, if you like, read the review.

Lovely man:)

One Response to “Publication on Goblin Fruit, Reviewed”

  1. Pam Thompson said

    This is a really full review to an interesting -zine. Well done!

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