Quatrain, done for the M.A

November 22, 2008


Court game; old fame – for thanes and lovers,
Thomas Gray’s, Elegy Written in a Country Graveyard.
Quatrain: Heroic – Rustavelian. Quatrain: Venus covers
Adonis follows, hymns and ballads – stanza vineyard –

Quatrain. Stairwell to a cellar, garden robed in yellow –
woman dancing, shadowed cello – path to an ocean,
room to a view, horizon line morello
hued, like thinking a space or drinking a potion,

falling in love, or opening a window –
a door, a shell, a lid, a ghost up – and taking
a journey or throwing a line out, traveling to Oslo
or Cyprus, or Moscow, leaving nothing, taking

something – a quatrain, like a new beginning,
a quatrain, like a place to live in, a quatrain
all that’s needed: vowels and stones and fresh linen,
a suitcase – legacy from Africa – a quatrain – four rivers

One Response to “Quatrain, done for the M.A”

  1. Martin said

    I love the second verse! Piles and piles of images – so succinct – filled with rhyme and sense-memories. And it flows. And “morello” hits me – it’s rhyme with yellow, and the juicy cherryness of it.

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