Short Order Cook

November 25, 2008

The Vaults is advertising
for a Short Order Cook.
I do not know,
what a Short Order Cook is,
but later that day,
at about 1.30 in the morning,
a Short Order Cook is mentioned
on a 1950’s detective show.

The detective is wearing a tweed hat
and a matching coat. Upstairs –
(in the large mansion,
where he is talking to a bereaved widow)
there is jagged music
and a shadowed man in silhouette
climbing through a French window.

Later, there’s a bar and a duke box
and words like nickel and partial
and people called Errol and Buddy
and women who work in typing pools

There are scenes that change
like windscreen wipers,
and small mustaches and red carnations
and phone receivers like plastic bones

there are characters
addressing the viewer directly,
up close and screen personal –
and solved deaths like glued china,
of men killed, standing in libraries
and a big end scene
with a large glass bowl

But there is no further mention
of the Short Order Cook
not even once, not even

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