Petrarchan Version

December 30, 2008

I’ve also done this version of the snail song. It’s Petrarchan rather than Shakespearean, but not sure it works as well. Also, erm, might break the odd, teeny little rule…

Song of the snail.

Before the sonnet was the Trojan snail,
brought over by Romans in wooden boats
and they were refugees in travelers cloaks
with soldier helmets and delicate tails.
And they were hermaphrodite, both male
and not and in their shells they carried hope
but they only knew Italian spoke
little of English but a moon bright hail.

And they didn’t like the weather and they
didn’t like the food, and there were badgers
in the hedges, owls and crows. And the way
back home across the sea was far sadder
than a dead dream. For a snail can’t pay
to catch a boat, and a snail can’t swim.

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