Slow moving thoughts

December 30, 2008

Time for a bit of a blog I think. It’s possibly avoidant of me: I could be reading any number of MA type books, or packing as I’m off to London tomorrow, but on the other hand, I haven’t used this blog to just blog (as in talk, chatter, spout) for ages.

I’m not very well. It’s just a cold but enough to make me feel like Proust laid up for eternity. I’ve been getting out a bit, but it’s been feeling a bad idea, almost without exception.

This afternoon I spent some time with my dad; I’ve been staying at my parents for Christmas. He drove me into town and back to pre-order the ticket I’d need to train it to London. On the way I told him about my idea for a series of snail sonnets.

The snail is my new pet subject. I recently found out that they were brought over to the UK with the Romans, and so are not native and technically Italian. Immediately, I thought how sad this was – like we’ve got this whole diaspora of refugees gliding amongst us, who very probably would rather be elsewhere; afterall, English weather, then there are the predators, language problems, cultural differences. It must have come as quite a nasty shock when they woke up in Blighty.

So I thought I’d write some poems for the poor little buggers. I was just going to write them any old how, but then it occurred to me that if a snail were to be compared to a poem – it would have to be to a sonnet – because like them, sonnets were imported from Italy. So, this is my essay to make you like the below poem more. …obviously, if a poem needs such a lengthy introduction, it might not be such a good sign…but hey, there it is.

A bit later on this evening, after we’d got home and my dad had watched his documentary about Voodoo, I said ‘dad, do y’know that snail poem I was telling you about?’ and he said yes and I said ‘d’you mind if I read it do you?’ and he said go head.

I read it and afterwards my father seemed to think for a moment before saying:

‘I’ve got no problems with that’.

Both I and my father are very strange people.

If anyone should be so inclined, please let me know your thoughts too.

Obviously, feel free to elaborate slightly more, should any more occur…

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