Little Earthquakes

March 1, 2009

On the afternoon the world turned magic
the city centre was a bowl of light
and the sky shone like alabaster
and the sun ribboned rainbow clouds.

And Lydia and Ola met for coffee,
then Lydia and Ola went for lunch,
then Lydia and Ola walked to the museum
and Ola nearly lost a glove.

And on the the afternoon the world turned magic
they saw things – that would stop your heart:
a Dodo with a bowler beak,
a leopard made of morse black lines.

And they saw a peep show in a cavern
where you opened doors to see small birds –
a canary pinned to a piece of backing,
a set of beetles, like a school of words.

And on the afternoon the world turned magic
they saw the animals come to life,
a tiger told them what it wanted,
a rhino breathed, a sparrow walked.

And on the afternoon the world turned magic
they strode back home, through springtime light
and Ola mentioned Taxdemia
and the paving stones were sunset white.

And Lydia mentioned Tori Amos
on the afternoon the world just changed
and they sang the lyrics from their favorite album
and they skipped like ropes, and they smiled, like flames.

2 Responses to “Little Earthquakes”

  1. jemma Bagley said

    Hi Lydia

    I would like to do some illustrations of your work sometime. I started a facebook group called cinderellas sister, thinking about putting some work together around versions of the story if you are inspired by that.
    Anyway, would be good to do something together, your work suggests lots of images to be
    Jemma x

  2. Hey Jemma, yeah:) I’d love that – all of it really. I did a residency last year at Stratford Theatre East and came up with a kind of poetry play called The Ciderella Foot Fetish – though it’s all in pieces and we never put a funding application in to make it actually happen. Never enough time to do everything. If you had any pictures – Cinders or otherwise I could try writing about them and if you wanted to illustrate any of my work, that’d be great. At risk of overwhelming I’ve had an idea for something else in pipe line for ages – hey, maybe we should get coffee? XX

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