Love Poem to a Polar Bear (after Marlowe)

March 17, 2009

Come live with me and be my love
Dear Polar Bear like snow white glove
And if you need a place to sleep
I’ll build for you an icy keep.

I’ll sneak you past the concierge,
Who sleeps and dreams of polar bears
And we can take the stairs or lift
Just like we’re climbing up a drift.

And on my floor that’s number two
We’ll swim like divers to my rooms –
The lounge that’s painted like a cave,
The arctic bathroom that I’ve made.

And when it’s cold, you’ll think it’s nice
And when it thaws I’ll buy you ice
And you can have your own soft seat
And a stool to rest your feet.

When in my flat I’ll feed you cake,
Silver squares of frosted flake,
And in my freezer I’ll keep cod,
Come live with me and be my love.

Dear Polar Bear, I’ll leave those men
Who call at eight and nine and ten –
I’ll be with you, my number one
Come live with me, my polar love.

4 Responses to “Love Poem to a Polar Bear (after Marlowe)”

  1. Pam said

    oh fab

    ‘siilver squares of frosted flake’:)

  2. Lovely Pam 🙂 Am quite obsessed with the blighters. Do you think the guards would notice if I liberated him?


  3. Rod Duncan said

    Fab. Bears, polar or otherwise, are definitely a great subject, worthy of poetry.



  4. […] would come round and I’d start off writing a funding application but then get distracted by Polar Bears, or furniture or Swiss/German names for places – and I’d be writing poetry. By Friday I’d be […]

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