Waiting for Ola

April 4, 2009

We said that we’d meet on the park –
the one on Fosse Road South,
take a left down Groby Road
then ask a man who thinks that yes
up those steps and round a bend
there is a green and even
an adventure playground.
Weave, otta like
between the styles
not meant for bikes
but still you’ll fit and there
opening up
like an emerald drawing
they’ll be a clearing,
5pm and glass bowl bright
and you won’t mind
that she’s not there.
You’ll find a bench beside some water
and look at swans and notice
pigeons, rutting,
other people riding bikes,
children clucking. Ola
will be steering a pram
along a busy high street
paved with lengthening bands
of springtime light.
You’ll be waiting when she gets there,
examining the sign
of a disused factory –
A.E Piggot – and blinking at cloud lines
left like snail trails
and thinking of summer
and waiting for Ola
you’ll find yourself one day
there in a park
whoever your Ola is.


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