Lyric Lounge Challenge…

August 2, 2009

This Tuesday sees the first WORD! since The Lounge – but in light of the festival I’m wondering how different people may find it. Along with possible and very exciting changes, like film visuals and live feed, I’m anticipating a new and inspired energy on the open mike, and not least of all from me.

Throughout the week, Lounge poets have been collaborating like there’s no tomorrow. Workshops (like Lucy English’s) led to groups coming together to produce new work for performance that you’d be forgiven for thinking had taken months to develop. In the bar throughout the day people have been looking over each others work, and riffing off lines – dreaming up new ways to push work forward.

For me, the Tuesday in particular was pivitol for this. That afternoon saw a panel discussion, chaired by me and made up of Jean Binta Breeze (poet and fest patron), Sureshot (poet), Graham Norman (poet and chair of Leicester Poetry Soc) and Alison Dunne (poet and Book Doctor). The subject of the panel was the divide between page and stage and how the exponents of each side could be brought together.

In the course of the debate people put forward different ideas, but one thought that occurred to me was a process whereby poets would kind of buddy up. Ideally, the poets would be of contrasting natures. They would swap skills and rework each others material to develop in new and unexpected ways.

As a trial, I and Sureshot have decided to give it a go…poetry wise you understand. The preacher man of the midlands has given me a poem on the subject of angels, loaded with biblical references and killer rhymes. And I’m trying to rework it. If I get it done for Tuesday, I’m going to compere with it. Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’m sending him one of mine. I’ve no idea what he’ll make of it, but here are my first early lines on his….

‘Fallen Angel’

You have said in your heart
I will ascend into heaven

yet still I am here
like snow on the ground

and each day is a passing cloud
each day is a heaving crowd
of concrete and people and places
each day

is a wing
that has dropped.
You have said in your heart
but still I have not.

Isaiah, Isaiah
where have you gone?

in prog…


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