February 4, 2010

The hip bone’s connected to the
thigh bone, and the thigh bones connected to the
knee bone, and the knee bone’s connected to the
calf bone, and the calf bone’s connected to the

Kali was bone’s everywhere
she was four arms
she was a warrior

Kali was standing
in a battlefield
Kali was a fire

Kali is standing on the body of Shiva
Kali is holding a dagger
Kali is a red mouth and a
string of skulls
Kali’s surrounded by a mire

Imagine a green field and a woman
like a dense painting and a tiger –
Kali has killed everything
but Shiva has stopped her
life altered death
death, wove itself into a dove.
Love, turns things into puzzles
life needs death. death needs gloves
shiva lies ontop of hours
kali stands on him
and doesn’t move
kali doesn’t flex
a single muscle.


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