Kali (final draft)

February 4, 2010

The thigh bones connected to the
knee bone, and the knee bone’s connected to the
calf bone, and the calf bone’s connected to the

Kali was bone’s everywhere
she was four arms,
she was a warrior.

Kali was standing
in a battlefield,
she was a fire.

She’s standing on the body of Shiva
she’s standing holding a dagger.
She’s a red mouth
and a string of skulls
Kali’s surrounded by a mire.

Imagine being mailed it, on a post card:
her 4 arms, sharp against pajamas,
imagine seeing a woman
murderous and livid
and a man
like a tablurasa.

Shiva’s lying like a cloak.
Shiva’s lying like a river –

like all the words in an older language
like alpha and omega.
They’re standing together.
They’re standing whatever.
They’re people.
They’re gods
They’re stars.


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