The Other Women

March 28, 2010

How does the woman find out

that her husband is sleeping

with his perfectly manicured

Sainsburys assistant?

She finds two pairs

of 3D glasses

and a nail file,

hidden in his sandwich box.

She imagines their uniforms

behind a door,

the night he was working

away in Walsall,

the conference in Birmingham

the training in Peckham,

the week with his collegues

at the all night metro.

What does she do

with the bottle of perfume

she finds with a scarf?

Not her colour, not her smell.

What does she say

when he brings home flowers,

unsold stock,

roses, freesias.

How does she behave

when they go

to the cinema.

Does she look at him
like a different country,
in the silver light
remember the moon

the way it used to fall on them
the way they used to fall asleep
held inside each others arms.


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