Dirty Old Town (draft)

April 4, 2010

spreads out it’s streets like mechano,

train station, subway, shoe store, car.

Dirty Old Town

drinks in a bar

swims through it’s dreams

like chlorine and emeralds.

Dirty Old Town

watches TV

Dirty Old Town
drinks coffee, another coffee

Dirty Old Town
is a three legged stray

Dirty Old Town
is battleship grey –

TK Maxs,
mini cab taxis

stick no bills and
close circuit TV.

Dirty Old Town

wonders should it move

but doesn’t have the money

and doesn’t know the rules

Dirty Old Town

sleeps with the moon

gives money to charity

buys the Big Issue,

sucks saxophone,
blows guitar

percussion skins,
blues bizzarre

Dirty Old Town
dirty old you

dirty old me
dirty old fugue

the sun rises
the night reels

but the evening’s made
of magenta

the squares are made
of sound

there are pictures in the puddles
there are mermaids in the clouds

Dirty Old Town
there’s Sunday morning buttered toast

and sunbathing pigeons
and lights shining on the road

Dirty Old Town,
Dirty Old Town

there’s a man with an accordion
playing for a pound.

Dirty Old Town
buys another round

it could be worse,
Dirty Old Town.

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