Dirty Old Town (another draft)

May 22, 2010

spreads out it’s streets like mechano,
train station, subway, shoe store, car.

Dirty Old Town

drinks in a bar

swims through it’s dreams

like chlorine and emeralds.

Dirty Old Town

watches TV

Dirty Old Town
coffee and tea

Dirty Old Town
sits on a bench

bottles in bags
giros for rent

Dirty Old Town

considers a move

but doesn’t have the money

doesn’t know the rules

Dirty Old Town

sleeps with the moon

gives money to charity

buys the Big Issue,

And Dirty old town
gets out of a bus

walks with the police
sits with the bum

Dirty old town
wants to throw up

but it sleeps and it wakes
and it dreams and it loves

and Dirty Old Town
stands on the street

smokes in the dark
in it’s skirt and it’s heels

Dirty Old town
face like a mask

Dirty Old Town
crawls in a car

and it sits in a house
and it counts out an ounce

and it weighs and it sells
and it buys and it thanks

but it rolls out it’s parks
and it’s rivers and banks

it scatters it’s birds
and holds out it’s hands

it sleeps and it wakes
and it dreams and it loves

Lock me in
till the milk man comes

til they empty the bins
till the trains leave home

Lock me in
till the lorries have been

till the windows are clean
and the rubbish is burnt

and it sleeps on it’s own
and it sleeps with it’s love

and the stars in the sky
and the moon up above

I don’t want to go
from this dirty old town

I don’t want to die
in this dirty old town

just let me be
Dirty Old Town

just let me live.
Dirty old town

Dirty Old Town
with it’s traffic and clouds

Dirty Old Town
with’s it’s pennies and pounds

Dirty Old Town
So much to take.

So much to give.

One Response to “Dirty Old Town (another draft)”

  1. Roy said

    Would make a great song-is already a song,
    sings a city, thank you.

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