July 31, 2010

As the violin breathes

I have never seen

so much beauty

This man is sitting in a silver chair

This woman is sat on it’s wheel like a stair

This woman is dancing on knees.

As the violin breathes

I have never seen

so much beauty.

And nothing is said

They explain through their arms

Their bodies are movements

They move like they’re stars.

This man is a windmill

This woman a clock

This man is a preacher

This woman undone.

As the violin breathes.

There are eight of them.

They are running like prayers

They are wheeling through curtains

of silken black air.

There is ballet here

I have never seen

There is ballet here

shaking me clean.

As the violin breathes.

And if life was a dance

It would look like these people

pulling apart then melting like treacle.

And the music is saying

there isn’t much time

The music is saying

we’ve got to rewind.

This woman is dancing

she is dancing on knees

she is collapsing and rising

her fingers like leaves

As violin breathes

I have never seen

there is ballet here

there is such beauty