August 25, 2010

I’ve been working on the Venus Papers – a sequence of poems that take Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty as their main protaganist. The poems when finished will hopefully make up the show I’ve been funded to write by Arts Council England. Eeek. This, I think, is the final poem in the sequence…


Our Mother who art in oceans
Hallowed be thy scales
Thy seabed come
I will be done
On earth
As I was in water
Forgive us our dresses
As we forgive those
Who dress against us
And lead us not into starvation
But deliver us from diets
And shopping and surgery
Deliver us from Primark
And Cosmo and purgery
For thine is the fuck up
Of all generations
Thine is the wanting
To be a celebrity
Forever and forever
Our daughters of Hades
Forever and ever
Our lady
Our ladies
Our sisters
Our cousins
Our mothers

One Response to “Prayer”

  1. some humour, some beauty, some sadness, a good poem – but then underneath is that bloody Ads by Google
    “Trendy Women’s dresses, new collection from Tesco” Arrrgh!Do they have to invade everywhere?

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