Calling Venus

November 14, 2010

Calling Venus

In the dark, dark forest
There was a dark, dark lane
And down the dark, dark lane
There was a dark, dark town
And past the dark, dark town
There was a dark, dark city
And in the dark, dark city

There was a dark, dark road

On the dark, dark road

There was a bright, bright light

And by the bright, bright light

There was a red, red box

And in the red, red box

There was a black, black phone

And by the black, black phone

There was a pink, pink card

And on the pink, pink card

There was a short, short name

And the short, short name

Was ‘Venus’.

I dialed the number beneath the name

And a ring tone rang

A woman crooned

Into my ear:

“Hello, this is Venus”

I said

“I’m Venus”

She said

“OK Venus – what do you like?”

So I told her:

“Seagulls and razors

and…seaman…and crabs.”

There was silence on the line

And I could hear her breathe.

I fed her coins, to keep her with me.

She told me she was wet

So I asked

“Are you in the sea?”

Then she started to talk

About fingers and seams.

She said

“Are you there?”

And I nodded down the phone

She said

“Are you there?”

Then she started to moan.

I hung up the receiver

But rang straight back

She called me a tease
And started to laugh

Then a car slid by

Then a woman with a man

I curled a finger round the wire

And lent against the glass.

And she wanted me to come

But I didn’t know where.

She asked about my clothes

I told her I was bare.

There was litter on the road

And her breath seemed to quicken

I said

“Who are you?”

She said


2 Responses to “Calling Venus”

  1. Roy said

    This poem is very compelling and mysterious. I like the way it starts off like a childrens tale or fable and then changes into a gritty kind of realism.
    I can hear you reading it and the way it would fit your very individual voice. Great stuff,

  2. ah, thanks Roy. I’m doing it as part of ‘The Venus Papers’ on December 11th. Not the full show but a 30 minute extract. If you fancy it, would be lovely to see you. 🙂

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