February 20, 2011

He sketched my hip like a line of horizon.
He painted a wash like the tide coming in.
He painted my back like a swept away sand dune.
He painted my feet like a couple of wings.

I took off my clothes like a jigsaw puzzle
like a Russian doll, piece by piece.
I folded my skirt with a lacy tussle.
I kicked off my shoes like a flight of geese.

He was my Botticelli.
He was my first and my last.
He was my Vulcan and Adonis.
He was my Jupitar and Mars.

5 Responses to “Botticelli”

  1. jaynestanton said

    Wow! I love the imagery and the rhythm of this. Am so looking forward to seeing the Venus Papers. Is the only performance in Derby?

  2. Thanks Jayne 🙂 We’ve got another extract on March 10th, at The Vibe Bar (Brick Lane, London) then after Derby we’ll be lining up other dates. X

  3. Love the sensuousness of this. What are the Venus Papers?

  4. Ahh.. now I have read and seen above.. loks really cool. I’ll follow with interest 🙂

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