third draft…

February 22, 2011

When my mother comes to visit, she brings my dad
and a pack of twelve quilted Andrex toilet tissues
half a pack of Weetabix – and since she has
started cutting down on dairy products
a carton of rice milk. My mother brings
Lancome samples she got from Boots:
white tubes inside of miniature packages
smaller than match boxes –
a tote bag she got as a free gift:
two purchases or more
from Christian Dior –
she saved for the foundation
with her pension
and housekeeping.
When I move into my flat
my mother brings me a plant
she brings me a card:
two mice in tiny clothes
‘Good Luck in Your Home’
when I get my degree
a card from them both
when he leaves the room
a twenty pound note
‘don’t tell your dad’.
She brings me a scarf made of lace
and cystitis powders, just in case
She brings me a jar of
thick cut orange marmalade
bought from the women that lives round the corner
a top from Marks she had on order
and a cut out coupon
from Woman’s Weekly.

I bring my mum a cup of tea:
No sugar. Milk.

2 Responses to “third draft…”

  1. jaynestanton said

    So much of this makes me smile, especially the coupons. My Mum always brings newspaper cuttings: cute stories about long-lost cats finding their way back home, people she says I went to infant school with: “Do you remember him/her?” she says. I don’t. So much has happened to me since then, but to her it’s like it was last year.

  2. Glad you like, think it might be done. There’s something about mothers and daughters. I read the last one I wrote about her, down the phone to her, standing on a train. Will perhaps ring with this tomorrow 🙂

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