News 24

April 28, 2011

The first headline:

The house of Windsor
has withdrawn their invitation
to the Syrian Ambassador
to the Royal Wedding
of his Royal Highness
and Kate Middleton.

The second headline:

50% of people
currently receiving
Sickness Benefit
have been recently told
they are well enough to work.

And Burger King are offering
free Onion Rings
in celebration.

And Cameron says
we can all have Street Parties
and ignore our Councils
it’s our human right.

And no one noticed
when the gallery
became a pound shop.
And no one noticed
when the libraries closed.

And Cameron says
we can all eat jelly.
And there’s a Wedding
and a dress
and souvenir mug.


3 Responses to “News 24”

  1. kathz said

    This makes me glad I escaped from the TV extravaganza by logging on. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for reading, Kathy. Watching a bit of the coverage, I’m speechless. It’s so disturbing.

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