third draft

May 22, 2011

I’m making tea
by the white plastic mirror
as news of the wedding
is filling the sink:

Kate and Wills
have been photographed
near the abbey

2 million people
are expected to tune in.

And Burger King are offering
free onion rings
in celebration.

And Cameran says
we can all have street parties
and ignore the laws

as I’m packing
my bag and looking
for my wallet

50% on DLA
are well enough to work.

As I’m leaving my flat
and turning off the telly

the gallery
on Granby Street
has reopened as a pound shop

as I’m walking down the street
and passing the bunting

the library
on Belvoir street
has been ‘amalgamated’.

And the NHS
is being cut
and fragmented.

And the Surestart nurseries
are closing their doors.

And Cameron says
we can all eat jelly.

And there are flowers
and a dress
and a souvenir stall.

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