June 9, 2011

G & T
T Bone Steak
T JuncTion
Mr T.

T is the Twentieth letter
of the alphabet
T and Twentieth
both start with the letter T.

T is in Tea
and T is in poT
but there is no T in cup
in less you make it

T is in Tax:
Value added Tax
and Vodka and Tonic

In Japan
to be full of Tea
is to be full of life.
When I am drunk
I tell my friends
I am full of Tea.
They tell me I am drunk.

To be a T-totaler
is to only drink Tea.

A storm in a Teacup
is an over-reaction.
Mocciato is not my cup of tea.
I drink Tea in my T-shirt.
My T-Shirt fits to a tea.

T rhymes
with four other letters
in the English Language
and five in America:


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