June 9, 2011

G & T
T Bone Steak
T JuncTion
Mr T.

T is the Twentieth letter
of the alphabet
T and Twentieth
both start with the letter T.

T is in Tea
and T is in poT
but there is no T in cup
in less you make it

T is in Tax:
Value added Tax
and Vodka and Tonic

In Japan
to be full of Tea
is to be full of life.
When I am drunk
I tell my friends
I am full of Tea.
They tell me I am drunk.

To be a T-totaler
is to only drink Tea.

A storm in a Teacup
is an over-reaction.
Mocciato is not my cup of tea.
I drink Tea in my T-shirt.
My T-Shirt fits to a tea.

T rhymes
with four other letters
in the English Language
and five in America:


New 24: Final Draft

June 8, 2011

I’m making tea

in the cup from my mother
as news of the wedding

is filling the sink:

Kate and Wills

have been photographed

near the abbey

2 million people

are set to tune in.

I’m putting on my makeup
in the white plastic mirror
and Burger King are offering

free onion rings

and Cameron says

we can all have street parties

and ignore the laws
just listen to him.

As I’m packing
my bag
and looking
 for my wallet

50% on DLA

are now well enough
to work.

As I’m leaving my flat

and turning off the telly

the gallery
 on Granby Street

has reopened
as a pound shop.

As I’m walking down the street

and passing the bunting

the library 
on Belvoir street

has been shut down

the health centre
has lost half it’s workers
and all new appointments
are frozen for now.

And Cameron says
we can all have street parties
and ignore the laws
because he is Primeminister.

And Cameron says

we can all eat jelly.

And there are flowers

and a dress

and a souvenir tin.

Alley Cafe

June 6, 2011

After the Alley Cafe
we were sat by the canal
bemoaning the fact
that you can’t get a train,
past 11pm from Nottingham, to home.
We were sat by the canal,
watching a man with a bag and a bottle
sinking it down – and thinking of that poem
that perhaps I’d been reading
as our train had pulled off
to the waving of a man
with a signal and a whistle.
Oh well, we said
as we sat by the water
the breeze in the trees
and the leaves like the clubbers.
And we unpicked the evening
as the moon shone around.
That night in Nottingham
After the cafe
after the train
just the canal.