Wasp Stung

July 23, 2011

My friend says
when she was young
she’d been stung
then fallen pregnant.

She boils water in a saucepan
steeps tea, stirs sugar.

My friend says
a rastaman
in the mountains
had predicted it

then takes a call
from her daughter
curls a finger
round a wire.

My stung hand is tingling
on the cover of my duvet,
wrists burn like hot irons
black coal, dull fire.

Oh wasp stung, wasp stung
wasp stung and over 30.

And the sky outside is velvet bright
night fallen, moon pregnant.

2 Responses to “Wasp Stung”

  1. This is terrific. I love your work.

  2. Thanks Zaphod, that’s really nice of you. Still working on it.

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