July 29, 2011

I wonder where all of the PVC people will go now
that G-Spot has closed down
it’s a terrible shame.

It was happily there at the back of the city
covered with ivy,
in between a pool hall
and an overgrown cemetery,
visited by no one,
pulled up to in taxis,
never did any harm,
except to the masochists.

Oh G-Spot, oh G-Spot
you came,
like an epiphany,
I never went in you
but you reminded me, somehow,
of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

But they opened up a bar
just across the precinct
with it’s goldfish bowl windows
blinking like lenses

And then they opened a theatre
just across the road
with a glass fronted entrance
of glittering gold.

And then they opened a venue
just across the way
and it opened each night
and glittered till day.

You held on for dear life
just as long as you could,
but the PVC people
were slightly alarmed

They were shuffling in corsets
and darting around lamp posts
slinking out of cars
wrapped up in trenchcoats

I saw a woman wearing bunny ears
shove them in her pocket
and bunny shuffle backwards
with her handbag round the cotton

There was only so long
and G-Spot closed down
the people all went
with their hold ups
and knee highs
and collars and masks.

Do they go the theatre?
Will you turn into a bar?
Will the PVC people
all go there and dance?

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot
where did you go?
it took years to find you –
I never knew you were there,
at the end of my road.

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot
Oh mythical place
Oh sex in the city
Oh strap-ons and lace

And then you were gone,
disappeared out of view,
your sign taken down
your neon removed

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot
replaced by the new.
When I look the theatre
I’m thinking of you.

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