Another Draft..

August 6, 2011

I wonder where all of the PVC people will go now

that G-Spot has closed down,

it’s a terrible shame.

It was happily there at the back of the city

covered with ivy,

in between a pool hall

and an overgrown cemetery,

visited by no one,

pulled up to in taxis,

never did any harm,

except to the masochists.

Oh G-Spot, oh G-Spot

you came,
like an epiphany,

I never went in you

but you reminded me

of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

But then they opened a theatre

just across the road

with a glass fronted entrance

of glittering gold.

Then they opened up a bar

just across the precinct

with goldfish bowl windows

blinking like sequins

Then they opened a venue

a cafe, a restaurant
a studio, a gallery
a cinema, a take away…

You held on for dear life

just as long as you could,

but the PVC people

were slightly alarmed.

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot,

Oh mythical place,

Oh sex in the city,

Oh strap-ons and lace.

You were like a call girl at the oscars,
a condom by a cake,
You were bangers and mash,
not sirloin steak.

There was only so long

and G-Spot closed down

the people all went

with their collars and gags.

Will they go the theatre?

Will you turn into a bar?

Will the PVC people

remember and dance?

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot

where did you go?

it took years to find you -

I never knew you were there,

at the end of my road.

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot,
replaced by the new,
you took the B Road
like a man in a suit.

Oh G-Spot, Oh G-Spot,
replaced by the new,
when I look at the theatre,
I’ll be thinking of you.

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