October Girl

September 23, 2011

In October I put on my space girl suit

I’m a crime fighting super hero

I’ve got 90 denier rocket tights

and a button down dress,

like a suit of armor.

I’m losing legs in flowing coats

forgetting bra straps into sand

I’ve left my sarong in Gibraltar

with a closed umbrella and a bronzed man.

It is October and the heat has risen,

the leaves have settled into iron grates

and I am mostly wearing
my mother’s cast offs,

her seventies shirts

with my tweed dress.

It is October, and I’m casting off vest tops,

I’m turning my wardrobe into a booth,

I’m spinning around in a tardis

confirming my shape
in a green cagoule.

And in my head, I have every outfit,

I’m a bobble hat holding my father’s hand,

a short black dress, taken in for a party

at Halloween, on a velvet night.

I’ve an emerald skirt knitted by neighbour

and an emerald cardigan, left in a flat,

a pistachio ballgown folded in a hat box

worn for a fancy dress ball on a farm.

October, Borollo, Sangria and Merlot.

October, Genoa and Earl Grey tea.

It is October 

and the days

are getting shorter,
air is thinner

October is running

in a gas blue skirt,

kicking leaves.

2 Responses to “October Girl”

  1. Jayne said

    So many images to love! Some of my favourites:

    ‘Losing legs into flowing coats’
    ‘the leaves have settled into iron gates’
    and October’s ‘gas blue skirt’

  2. Thanks Jayne, may do it with some others at this http://www.everybodysreading.org/2011/09/08/st-nicholas-autumn-live-session/ – there will be Polish stew and ‘various teas’ 🙂

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