Mundane Pleasures.

November 13, 2011

After months of posing only poems, or drafts of them in progress, I think it’s time for a journal. It occurred to me that it might be time to try posting one earlier this evening, as I was sat mid-facebook status update.

I was about to post my plans for the evening, which are largely pivoting around the domestic, and ranging from – cleaning the bathroom.. to assisting with the making of pizza dough. Anyway, I was suddenly struck by how much better a blog is for that kind of thing.

The thing I like about blogs, versus social networking sites, is the way in which the former feels so much less demanding. Because at least half the purpose of a blog may also be to collate thoughts or information – not just to reach out to others – and because they are open to the whole world, not just a group of accepted contacts, there is perhaps less of an imperative or pressure on a reader to respond to stuff.

This means, I think, greater freedom for everyone. The writer doesn’t feel like they can’t post something they’d like to, because it’s just too small, and the reader doesn’t feel like they’re being asked to formulate a response to something infinitesimal.

So, disregarding any doubts around why, exactly, the whole world would have any burning desire to hear about the minutiae of my evening, I am indulging my desire to discuss in advance the full, terrible extent of my plans 🙂

This evening I am planning to…

Clean the bathroom; make a new book to read from at gigs; hover helpfully around the making of pizza dough; do various other things and later, possibly, watch a film. The plan is ‘Beautiful Lies’ – an unashamedly feel good rom-com, with the lead actress from Amelie.

I am not the most domestic person in the world, so perhaps that’s why I feel the need to crow about such household related matters. The bathroom, in particular, is in quite a bad way. Not for long though… I have purchased a special ‘kills all dirt’ spray gun and new sponges (!)

I have also purchased a roll of exciting wallpaper, such can be used for the making of poetry books from scratch. It has large orange flowers and an odd Lino effect that makes it appear, well, a bit like Lino.

So, off to knead, bleach, cut and watch. Barring further procrastination, a half clean bathroom, half hoovered floor and brand new poetry book awaits me!

I am giddy (really) with excitement.

2 Responses to “Mundane Pleasures.”

  1. jaynestanton said

    Poetry book project sounds wonderfully creative!
    I must start thinking of an innovative way to exhibit some of my poems in Magnus’ travelling exhibition (for Feb).
    I also love Audrey Tatou films 🙂 enjoy!

  2. Hi Jayne 🙂 Yes..I’m a bit of a learner when it comes to the making of books! It seems to be going ok, just have to stitch the pages together and work out what to do about the over-prominent spine…I was a little generous with my measurements!

    Little books with your poems in – or some kind of fold out or pop-up – would be great to put in Magnus’ show. It’s such an intriguing project. Must get a closer look when I see him next…

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