February 5, 2012

On the day you come
the police advise
to stay out of the street

and the city’s
like a ghost town
from London Road, to HMV.

On the high street
there’s a man
pissing outside Boots

in the centre by the tower
the air is thick
and hard like glue.

The designated pubs
are bursting at the seams.
Horses black with muzzles
are strewn across the street

I leave the flat for milk
but all the shops are shut
turning back I find
a cordon’s grown
around my home.

The cavalry is kettling
on Granby Street there’s broken glass
and everyone’s suspicious
one of them or one of us.

No woman in a Burkha
No man in Turban
Child in pram
No drinking out in cafes
No walking in the park.

The council says it’s got to happen
because our visitors have rights
so we should stay inside our houses
while they paint our windows white.

How dare you make me turn out lights
and stand behind my sofa

How dare you empty out the streets
and draw your lines around our lamposts

How dare you speak to poverty
and portion out your blame,

refugees and immigrants
not bankers in their trains

How dare you make me fearful
that you might throw a brick

How dare you travel to my city
and tell me how to live

This country is an island
you should defend
our right to mix

From the Polish to the Saxons
From the Windrush to the Vikings

Our Royalty is German
My grandma was a Jew
Your march will cost a million
If rights were rights, I would sue

Oh Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell
it’s EDL.

Bloody Hell
Bloody Hell
Go to Hell

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