Dr Martin

February 20, 2012

Dark Blue Doctor Martins
with the silver stars and worn down soles
I’ve had them since the early 90s,
they still fit now, my feet had grown;

I did the stars
at the back of Geometry
with a silver pen
bought from home,

got them in blue
to match my jumper
as Anna Rioden
had them in mauve.

Dark blue Doctor Martins
Footwear of the misfits
Footwear of the cool

Dark blue Doctor Martins.
Made for the army.
Worn to the zoo.

Wear them to parties.
Wear them to work.
Wear them to art school.
Wear them to flirt.

I wore them loose with the laces trailing,
suicide when changes rooms.

I wore them tied like a football player
kicking about with a gothic moon.

I’ve worn them to run
for the bus in the morning,
worn them with jeans,
with tights and a skirt,

worn them for a year
going to youth group
in love with Mark Bentley,
though he didn’t care.

Though I have flirted with kittens
stilettos and platforms
and bandaged in blisters
and hobbled in dirt.

Though I have walked
through the valley of the
barefoot morning
on broken glass
and puddled blood,

Dark Blue Doctor Martins
Kurt Cobain, I never left.

Dark blue Doctor Martins
Nirvana, Hallelujah
repent, I repent.

Dark Blue Doctor Martins
Army and Navy, Forty Pounds.

Dark Blue Doctor Martins
From the fascist on the riots
to the sports field and the gown.

Dark Blue Doctor Martins
I’m voting with my feet
I’m stepping out

Dark Blue Doctor Martins;
I had them then,
have them now.

2 Responses to “Dr Martin”

  1. Barry said

    Thouigh not Docs did have a favourite boot for everything so very easy to feel the words and have a tactile memory of something lost but never forgotten

  2. Thanks for reading it Barry. I still have them, and think will be wearing them more 🙂

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