April 3, 2012

For Francis Maude, David Cameron, Gerry Bridgwood and Dianne Hill.

And Cameron says
fill up a Jerry Can
like we’re fighting the Germans
in the First, therefore greatest
of all of the wars.

Cameron says
fill up a Jerry Can,
remember Britannia
ruling the globe.

Put on your coat
let’s march off out
Flanders is calling
through Telecom clouds.

A house repossessed,
a widow evicted
yes, fight them on the hills
fight them on the beaches.

Fill up a Jerry can
as we turn back from Syria,
go after Gadafi,
hold up in Iraq.

Captain Mannering,
as we privatise everything,
murder Bevan,
steal the milk.

Fill up a can
as we tap all the phone lines,
dine with the bankers,
shut all the doors.

A woman stands
in a Yorkshire kitchen.

Fill up a can
a Gerry can can.
Flanders is calling,
a country burns.


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