second draft

April 20, 2012

We are the custodians of Kerry

we take her calls,

we answer the door

to her visiting debtors

collect her letters

from the Water Board.

We cannot pass a number.

We are not able

to provide an address.

We forward no envelopes –

like sending a letter to Mrs Christmas

we place in recycling

and utter prayers.

We are the custodians of Kerry;

the receivers and guardians

the trustees of ghosts.

We tell a friend

she’s no longer living

in this house

she has no coat.

We tell the gas man

she left no cheque.

We tell the bank

we cannot help.

We tell the kitchen

she has gone,

the bedroom and stairs

already know.

We are the custodians of Kerry

send no bills,



Send no mail-order

a5 catalogues

of silver jewellery

and bonus points

She left a photo

in the meter cupboard

the parts for the cat flap

in a cardboard box

She left the manual

for the burglar alarm,

a lighter in the lobby,
razor in the bath

The mint has seeded to the property
she left the fridge
an open door

she left the place
one day,

a car,
a case
puff of smoke.

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