a choice of hats (after mark.s aka the ghost poet)

July 29, 2012

1. A garden full of tall sunflowers.
17 starry nights.

2. A charming fez

3. Lime green teaspoon
originating from the Mediterranean ocean
also a bottle green (nosed)
plastic dolphin

4. A quote from Wittkenstein,
“are you reading this page voluntarily”

5. Patio furniture neatly askew,
my mother with a pair of secutears.

6. With orangutan horses and purple girraffes.

7. A bed sheet with holes cut out for eyes.

8. Sunflowers again, this time a bouquet
with long stems of spikey marmalade
we can’t identify.

9. This one has loving gazes at new carpet,
Indian rug obtained at flee-market
otherwise known as
Fenwicks of Leicester
Half Price Sale.

10. a – number after 9
10. by – a place in South Wales.

11. All good children go to heaven

12. A backwards somersault in farsi or brail

13. Last supper,
jelly and ice cream and canned pilchards.

14. This sentence has no meaning.

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