August 10, 2012

Artwork, title: 85. By Scott Bridgwood

Curve of stilettos,
running like a fish-scale,
running round the hip-bone,
like the halo of a bruise.

Blank check back
by the backbone.
Blacked out names
in the police report.

85 trials and no convictions.
2 women attacked by him
are suing the Met.

Unsubstantiated evidence
like clouds on the breastbone,
half hearted effort
she was probably drunk.

Curve of stilettos
running like a weapon,
running like a ladder up a thigh.

Her waist, a waste,
pillow, shadow,
pillar of salt,
Lot’s Wife –

looking back
across the park,
barely 85 years
since there’d been the vote,

only 40 years
since you’d need your
husband’s signature
to borrow books,

only yesterday,
the sex club in the city,
win a boob job for your girlfriend
the message on facebook –
“I want to rape you in the ass”.

Curve of stilettos
merengue-ing in the distance
waving in the water.
The medical tests were inconclusive.
There were no witnesses.


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