Private View

August 12, 2012

You can’t look
at the painting.
Looking at the painting
looks like standing in a room
and gazing at yourself
in a mirror.

You can’t stand
near the painting.
Standing near the painting
looks like you’re seeking

When other people
are looking at the painting
you must keep
a respectful distance.

If they see you
they clam up:
they are mussels,
you are daylight

and you won’t know
what they were talking about
while they were standing
and pointing
and gesturing and murmuring
with their hands,

you won’t know
what they were saying

about your pigeon chest
and wide thighs.

Here are the miraculous minds
of the facebook profile gallery viewers

Here is the wedding video,
the kaledoscope of CCTV.

And their words, curl
into the canvas, sink
into your paint shut eyes.

Your hair threads like a salmon,
falls like flamingoes,
fades into mink
like the edge of the night.

You stand on the edge
of their talking,
and grow old.

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