Budapest does Venus

August 29, 2012

not like that you understand,
she might as well be wearing shades
shadowed beneath a crumbling balcony,
Venus diaphanous,
delicately balanced,
head to one side,
breasts turned to castles.
Venus Hungarianus,
tárka, many coloured,
tarca, the purse,
tárgy, the object.
Venus leaded
with guns and pollution,
renaissance rococo,
arabesques roman.
Tarnani, to hold,
üzni, to hunt,
vad, wild,
vágy, desire,
underneath a lintel
light spilling over face,
válaszolni, to answer,
váltani, to change.
As though poised on the brink,
on the lip of the Danube,
eagle for flight, shell like a halo,
strange dog
like a child in one arm.
Rossz, bad. Rözsa, rose.
Budapest does Venus
in the palace, by the steps.
Venus does Budapest.
Darkness. Sötétség.
Villám. The Lightning.

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