Things A-Foot

June 17, 2014

Hello again – and apologies to regular visitors for this blog’s recent skulking under-cover status. Over the last few months many things have been in progress not least of all an exciting tour, Three the Hard Way – temporarily causing me to deflect to HERE. As you’ll see, should you follow the link, it’s all very exciting, involving me plus two other poets, Jean Binta Breeze and Alison Dunne. There are pictures of us gadding about from Corby to Clapham to Cornwall – and other places, not beginning with C, but none the less lovely for it.

Meanwhile, other things have been progressing, as they will. Things I’m particularly chuffed about include having a couple of poems picked by two publications/publishers, both of which I have of late (and for some time) been quite dizzy with fan-girl, stalker-ish, nerdy obsession about.

The first is the mighty Magma 59, coming out in July – and launching regionally, Upstairs at The Western on July 17th. Each edition of Magma is specifically themed and edited by a different person, a fact I first encountered back in Spring 2011 when I bought a brilliant, brilliant green covered version, themed around ‘Construction’ and edited by Julia Bird – a fabulously talented poet and dynamic literature promotor with two collections and numerous projects to her name. Magma 59 is themed around ‘Breaks’ and edited by equally talented, Alex Pryce and Roberta James. I have a surprisingly large number of poems on the theme of breaks (in no way suggestive of poor moral fibre) and shall be performing, Wool – the one selected, at the launch.

The second piece has been picked for a forthcoming Bloodaxe anthology, Raving Beauties – edited by Sue Jones-Davies, Dee Orr, Anna Carteret and Fan Viner. Raving Beauties will be the quartet’s forth collection of women’s themed work – and strutting out in 2015.

Speaking of strutting and things afoot leads nicely to another thing, namely a shoe themed poem I was recently commissioned to write by Sole2Soul – an Arts Council funded project, curated by University of Leicester. The brief was to write a piece in response to the William Falkner Shoe and Boot exhibition, installed at Harborough Museum. Late last month I took myself off to Market Harborough with some family in tow, visited the museum, took some pictures, made some notes, left the building, braved some rain, sheltered in a pub, sat in car,  watched ‘Hobson’s Choice’ (killer b/w classic, recommended by my mother-in-law, who now feels equally committed!) and wrote the above. I mean, the above poem I’m about to post, in a moment…

I also bought some very reasonably priced black, kitten heeled, sling-backs from the local British Heart Foundation, which should you visit the wonderful William Falkner Shoe and Boot exhibit and its surrounding stomping ground, I can highly recommend. The charity shop, not the sling backs, which are of course, no longer there.


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