Secret Agent to Planet Venus

September 11, 2015

Over the last few months I’ve been gadding about the ether, playing away on two other websites – The Venus Papers and Three the Hard Way – in chattering aid of each. I’d like to present such absenteeism as entirely deliberate; a kind of undercover operation appropriate to the secret-agent-artist alter-ego, fashionably cultivated here…  in the spirit of my whiskey drinking, chain-smoking, scrabble playing Great-Aunt Peggy, who did in fact work for MI6 but could never breathe a word on the subject or suffer secret-agent Coventry and instant scrabble death (triple word x, to her opponent)…Yes. That is how I will present it…

Anyway, whilst absent I’ve been busily working away on part two of a national ‘Three the Hard Way’ tour  – and my full length collection ‘The Venus Papers’ – happily just published by the wonderful, Burning Eye Books. Three the Hard Way will be kicking off a run of ten dates, starting in Leicester on October 1st, Upstairs at the Western as part of the mighty Everybody’s Reading festival. The Venus Papers will be launching (as part of the same fest) on September 29th at Attenborough Arts Centre. See below for a groovy poster…

In just one of my covert operations I ran up a (deceptively) simple Venus Papers press release, with quotes and notes and everything. I put it out on the VP website and forwarded it to a few partners, then hey presto, the other day The Leicester Mercury called me up asking for an interview and saying they’d like to run an article all about the project. Ah ha, I said – did you see the press release on my VP website? No they said, your dad rang us. This should not in anyway undermine my secret agent skills (MI6, if you’re reading this, the answer’s yes, definitely, I’m interested – and in addition to scrabble I’m also brilliant at Trivial Pursuits.) (That should do it.)



One Response to “Secret Agent to Planet Venus”

  1. Wow. Congratulations. Your writing even in the post is edgy and real. I hope to someone get a copy!!!!
    -Carmen -paintings

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