a choice of hats (after ghost poet)

July 30, 2012

1. A garden full of tall sunflowers.
17 starry nights. possibly an urn
in the corner.

2. A charming fez

3. Quote from Wittgenstein,

“Are you reading this page voluntarily”

4. Patio furniture neatly askew,

my mother with a pair of secateurs.

5. With orangutan horses and purple girraffes.

6. A bed sheet with holes cut out for eyes.

7. A backwards somersault

8. sunflowers again, this time a bouquet

with long stems of spikey marmalade

we can’t identify.

9. This one has loving gazes at new carpet,

Indian rug obtained at flee-market

otherwise known as

Fenwicks of Leicester

Half Price Sale.

10. a – number after 9
10. by – a place in South Wales.

11. All good children go to heaven

12. Sunflowers, flowering in December,
somewhere in the world.

13. Last supper,

jelly and ice cream and canned pilchards.

14. le singe, la scimmia.

15. This sentence

16. has no meaning.

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