Damien, take note.

September 10, 2007

Doing a spot of blog browsing just found this wicked poem (Damien, read it and take note, you will never take me alive!)

It’s by Karen McCarthy, whom though I don’t know much about, I heard of through Malika Booker. Went to see Malika do ‘Unplanned’ earlier this year (just after the Freedom trial) and narrowly missed the special ‘Malika with friends’ version of the show. Had really wanted to make that evening ’cause Jean was performing too. Anyway, you’ve probably guessed by now but K.M was also one of the influencing friends I missed. It said she had a blog on the (missed) event marketing. I occasionally visit. By way of taunting myself.

Here is Jo Swift’s take on that freestyling exercise…

Audio Tracks

May 12, 2007

Just figured Pineapster out, so-should you want to hear me perform Sharon’s Hair or, for that matter Get Your Tits Out, click here….